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Year: 2015
The idea presents a handful of bright lively spots thrown on the site. People watch these bright spots, explore them, use them...
The site is to be symbolically divided on 3 zones: umbrella forest, water platforms and scene –screen -art spot. By its semi-transparent plexiglass flat tops, the umbrella forest creates the feeling of comfort for people who sits under it or walks between the umbrellas. These umbrellas vary in height and colour. Movable wooden furniture units let people organize
the space the way they like. Stationary platforms on the water visually smooth the canals’ frames and draw people
to water exploration. Scene-screen-art spot involves users in cultural activities, offering them a place for performances, stands for exhibitions and a digital screen. 


This folder contains the sketches made for MA project "Island of colors", paintings and selected drawings had been made during the study at Saint Petersburg State Academy.​



Year: 2003

The study project made within frameworks of Saint-Petersburg Academy of Arts and Design, under supervision of the designer Evgenya Sergeeva.

The concept of this chair was inspired by the nature. The unit form responds to smooth lines of a wave. Used materials reflect the ecological design theme together with back-to-nature trends.

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