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​Year: 2013-2014 

The customer, a  creative and independant fashion designer, wishes to build her own house with a small workshop nearby. Rejecting all traditional cottage forms, we came to a mininmalistic form and utter simplicity of the planning. The object itself consists of three separate blocks, connected with the common overlay and two terrasses



Year: 2012

The experimental project under supervision of Camilla Ryhl. Nordnes park, Bergen, Norway.

What happens when one of our senses decrease in function, how do we experience space if we are unable to see, hear or walk and how does this affect the functionality of the given space? If the experience of architecture and form is multi-sensory, how can we as designers assure an accessible experience of architecture for all regardless of sensory ability?

The inner space is indicated with colored glass for better orientation within the cube. The white is used for psychological and visual effect of expanded physical volume. Dark floors, tactile elements and contrast details are created for making the space functional for a person with  visual impairments.


Year: 2013

​The project is made in collaboration and under supervision of the architect Irina Ilina.

This 110 square meters cottage is intended for a couple, who wanted to have quiet and comfortable place outside the big city. The owners’s wish was to have cosy house with prevalence of natural materials, as wood, tile and stone.

The 1st floor is intended for dining room, kitchen, bedroom, bathroom and storages. The 2nd floor (loft) is used as work place, chill-out zone and can be also used as guest room.


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